Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bacon wrapped chicken

I found this one via Pinterest. and it's yummy and super easy!

Chicken breast sliced in half ( I do mine horizontial for a skinnier chicken)

Smash flat

1 Tbs, of cream cheese placed in the center of raw chicken breast.

Jalepenos sliced up layer on top of Cream cheese. ( use as much as you want.. or if your like me you will leave out the jalepenos and get creative with the spices in your cuboard to mix in with the cream cheese instead.)

Roll up the chicken to encase the cream cheese. use toothpicks to secure.

Grab a strip of your favorite type of bacon ( un cooked) wrap around your raw chicken roll cover as much area as possible. and secure with a toothpick.

repeat as many as needed.

throw them on the grill till chicken is cooked thru. ( mine usually cooks for a good 20-25 min)

serve a with kick'n salad. super yummy!

cut some of the fat by: using fat free cream cheese. and turkey bacon

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Ryan said...

Oh man that is right up my alley. Great picture as well. I will be making this one. :)